After a successful career in New York and the District of Columbia as a corporate lawyer - as a partner in Dunnington, Bartholow & Miller in New York, and as Of Counsel in the DC office of Davis, Graham & Stubbs in DC - in 1997 Maurice Lynch co-founded a law firm in Mongolia with a Harvard Law School colleague, and was chairman of this firm until its dissolution in 2012.

    During this time, Lynch developed synergistic relationships with a number of prominent Mongolian lawyers - and law firms - as well as an extensive network of contacts within the Mongolian government and business community.

    Lynch now conducts his law practice through two affiliated law firms - Maurice Lynch & Associates PLLC in Washington DC (L&A DC), and Lynch & Associates LLP in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia (L&A UB). The permanent staff of L&A UB - with the support and assistance of the aforementioned Mongolian lawyers and law firms on a contractual basis, gives Lynch the ability to provide a broad array of legal services by mobilizing teams of high quality lawyers ad hoc to handle specific transactions.

    This law practice paradigm gives L&A the ability to provide sophisticated services at competitive rates because the pricing of these services does not have to take into account the costs of maintaining a large full time permanent staff.

    L&A UB permanent staff and contract lawyers provide boots on the ground in Mongolia to deal directly with government agencies, Mongolian business entities, and the courts.

    L&A DC facilitates interaction with international organizations such as the World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC), as well as providing advice and assistance to US and Canadian entities seeking to carry out cross-border transactions in Mongolia - and elsewhere.

    Representative Recent Transactions

    L&A UB has entered into a legal services agreement with Dentons Kazakhstan to provide a broad array of services to the Swiss food conglomerate - Nestle SA - in connection with Nestle's proposed expansion of its activities in Mongolia.

    L&A DC was retained to provide the US Export-Import Bank (Eximbank) with a legal opinion on Mongolian law in support of the sale/lease of a Boeing 737 aircraft to the state owned MIAT Mongolian Airlines that was guaranteed by Eximbank.