• Formation, organization, and regulatory compliance of Mongolian limited liability companies (LLCs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs), joint stock companies (JSCs), and representative offices.

  • Loans to, or investments in, Mongolian companies by private sector entities, or by organizations such as the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), or the US Export-Import Bank (Eximbank) - including 1) due diligence investigation of the Mongolian companies, 2) preparation of loan/investment documentation, and 3) delivery of legal opinions re Mongolian laws and regulations.

  • Establishment and maintenance of security interests in Mongolia, including pledges of immoveable and moveable property.

  • Advice and assistance in respect of the enforceability in Mongolia of foreign court judgments and/or arbitration awards.


  • Identification and due diligence investigations of Mongolian exploration and mining opportunities.

  • Negotiation and documentation of cross-border Mongolian exploration and mining ventures.

  • Obtaining exploration and mining licenses from the Minerals Resources Authority of Mongolia (MRAM).

  • Compliance with MRAM periodic reporting requirements.

    Aircraft Sale/Lease

  • Commercial aircraft sales and leasing transactions in Mongolia - including 1) due diligence investigation of relevant Mongolian companies, 2) delivery of legal opinions re Mongolian laws and regulations, and 3) the effect of Mongolia's accession to the Cape Town Convention.

    Environment and Natural Resources

  • Compliance with Mongolian environmental and land use laws and regulations.


  • Negotiation and documentation of Mongolian franchise agreements and disclosure documents.

    Project Development

  • Negotiation and documentation of public-private-partnership projects under Mongolia's Concessions Law.